Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Time!

   Hello all! Well summer is here and is flying by! School ended back in May and I must say I was extremely sad to say goodbye to my kiddos. The last day I did cry a little saying goodbye. And that week I had a break down at home with Josh where I just cried for awhile. I just couldn't imagine not seeing my kids every day. Well, the last day came and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I still miss my kids but I'm excited for a new year to come with the new group that I will have. 

Well, Josh has been working like crazy this summer. He works about 70+ hours a week, which sucks but its all good! I'm used to it I guess. ha! It's sad when you're used to making and eating dinner at 10:00 at night. I know that's probably not the most healthy thing to do, but that's the schedule we are on. So it's all good! Well, I have discovered a new app on my phone, it's a picture collage.... as you will see by the following pictures.... that I LOVE it! Obsessed...  well yes maybe a little... haha! Anyways here is an update of what we have been up to!

A few weeks ago we watched Josh's little sister for the weekend. She slept over and she wanted to make her own special "dessert". She wrote out the recipe and everything. And yes it included oreos, frosted mini wheats, starbursts, and some lemon heads. And yes.... we munched on it while we watched a movie together. So fun! Love this girl!

This was my b-day present from Josh. These are Nike Frees... and they are so incredibly comfortable... I seriously wear them almost every day, and they are super bright.. love them!! And I had mentioned to Josh that I wanted to go shopping, so he got me some gift cards... to Forever 21 and Ross. Love both stores! Great b-day! Can't believe I'm 25... crazy!

We also took a trip to Cornado Island with Josh's family. We went for just a few days, and it was wonderful! We spent both days at the beach. We stayed at a beach house where we could ride bikes to the beach... which was so fun! The weather ofcourse was amazing! When we got there, Josh kept asking why we left... we loved our two summers living over in San Diego... the best ever! And we miss it! We had a great time with the fam!!

We went to this yummy BBQ place that Josh and I had been to before when we lived over there. We waited an hour in a half to order.... the line was out the door and down the corner of the building. It was very good though! I'm not a huge fan of BBQ places... (I like them but I just never request or crave them). Phil's BBQ was very good, we had tons of food left over too! Yummy!

 This is us cruising to the beach! So fun! And yes we strapped chairs/umbrellas for the beach on the back of the bike.... it was awesome!


 This was my NAU graduation back in May. We went up to Flagstaff for it, and were lucky to have some family come up too! We had a great weekend and I loved having family and friends there to share that time with me. It feels great to be completely done with school!! I also passed my final state test... which was great news!! No more testing, no more school! Feels great!!

 For an activity with Josh's work, we went rock climbing. This place was awesome! So many different walls to climb! It was so fun! I climbed about three, and the next few days i definitely felt it... oh I was I sore. Worth it though! So fun!!

 I had gotten these two table from my mother-in-law recently, and wanted to paint them. So out came the spray paint and there ya go! I also was able to add this gold finish stuff to it that is my sister's... that gives it the shabby look... oh man amazing! Let's just say I added the gold to a few other things in the house.. i love it! It feels good to get some projects done! I love them! The white one I use in my bedroom and it has my big jewelry box on it, and the black one we have in our den with decor stuff on it. Love them both! Thanks to my lovely sister Shasta for letting me borrow the gold, and being able to paint them over at her house.

That is all for now! Hope everyone is enjoying the summer... and the wonderful 110+ heat...ha! Already looking forward to the fall!

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  1. Hey Kylee, here's the link to our blog. Congrats again on graduating! It was so fun to spend a week with you and your family. I wish we lived closer.