Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun Weekend!

So this past weekend was filled with lots of fun activities with friends. On Friday, Josh's boss treated the manager's wives to mani-pedis and lunch. We had a great time! We went to this cute salon in Dana Park called Fushia. It was way nice and the ladies there were so fun! We felt so pampered. We all got shellac done on our nails, and I've never gotten it done before. And I must say I love it! I love having my nails colored, and I'm always looking for new colors... but the polish that I buy at the store... literally last like 3 days before they start chipping. The shellac is awesome! I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular polish.....(I probably will... I'm just in love with shellac right now). Here are some pics of our day getting pampered. So fun!! 

         This salon was super cute! Me, Jen and Alyssa enjoying getting our toes done!
 Our nice newly polished toes
 Alyssa, Jen, Me and Ashtyn and Cheesecake Factory for lunch

                Friday night Josh and I went out for dinner and we ended up seeing the Hunger Games. I have read the first two books and love them! We both loved the movie too! I thought they did a great job in the movie. I loved all the characters they chose for the parts. My new favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss. Love her! Josh loved it too! He said he wanted to read the books now.


Saturday night we did a date night with Josh's boss and the other managers. We went to Ruth's Chris... which is so yummy! We had a great time at dinner. One of the things that is so nice about Ruth's Chris is not only the yummy food, but that they don't rush you with dinner. We were there for like 3 hours. We chatted, laughed and ate amazing food! And you don't feel rushed to hurry with your food. And that is so nice. Here is everyone at dinner.

                                 Jen & Brian
                        Austin & Ashtyn
                                 Me & Josh
                                       Trevor & Alyssa
               All of us after dinner.... incredibly full too!

 So on Friday when us girls were at lunch, we had talked about seeing The Lucky One. A few of them had read the book and loved it. So... after dinner on Saturday night, we somehow convinced the guys to come see it with us. I was very shocked that we got them to go. I think they were the only guys in the theater.... haha! Besides a little cheesy parts with the acting... I enjoyed the movie. And Josh said that he actually shed a tear.... haha! Seriously though.... just a little one he said. We had a great time though! We were all very grateful for the guys coming to the movie!

We had a great weekend, and loved spending time with friends! We feel very blessed to have such great friends, and enjoyed every minute of our weekend with them!

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  1. Looks like fun! Meanwhile I was freezing to death in the woods..... I'm going to see if Leah will come help me buy all the Shellac stuff. Then we can have nonstop awesomeness on our hands.