Saturday, May 28, 2011

24th Birthday!

Well last week was my 24th birthday! Wow... I can't believe I'm 24. I still feel like I'm 19...  Anyways-it was on Friday so I started the day by sleeping in, which was great. Then I went to lunch with my mom and sisters. We went to Flancers, it's a little sandwich/salad/pizza place in Mesa. We have only ever gotten their sandwiches there, which are just fabulous. Enjoyed a yummy lunch there, then a few of us went out to Scottsdale Mall to do a little shopping at H & M. I had never been there before. I must say it was great! I didn't find anything that I wanted to buy... but it definitely is a place I will be going back. After I came home from shopping, I got ready to go out that night. Josh took me to PF Changs for dinner... so good! Then he had a friend from highschool that got married that day, so swung by their reception for a little bit to say hello.

The new Pirates movie was good! We really liked it!
I don't think we are fans of 3D movies.. We both were getting
annoyed with our glasses... and some parts I felt like I had to take
them off to see the screen better. Overall tho, it was a good movie!

 Us waiting for the movie to start... my camera is dead, so these are phone pics... not the best.

 For my present.... Josh gave me the new Josh Groban CD..... and we are going to see him in concert!!!
It's not til August... but we are both super excited! I've been listening to his CD all week... and I must say that he is just AMAZING!! I love it!! And can't wait for his concert! Josh and I love going to concerts.. back in August, Josh surprised me with John Mayer tickets... and that was an awesome concert!! So coming soon this August we will be enjoying the awesome music of Josh Groban!

On Sunday, we spent time with both of our families and this is was his Grandma made me. She made it... and it's beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice... I've been looking for a nice wreath to put on our door, but haven't found one that I liked. Now I have one, and I love it!

Josh's family gave me some new necklaces, which I love!

And a new wallet.. It looks black, but it's actually like a dark dark purple which I love!

Saturday night I went a D-Backs game with some friends. It was an awesome game! We won 9-6. And there was a grand slam that was hit too. Awesome!!

Me, Tara and Bobbie at the game. Soo fun!

Overall, it was a great birthday, and fun weekend spent with family and friends. Still can't believe I'm 24. Although, while we were at lunch on Friday, the waitress asked me how old I turned. When I said 24, she was shocked and said she thought I was turning 16. I guess I'll take it as a compliment...haha! Hopefully that stays with me when I get older. Thanks to everyone who made it a great birthday! Love you all!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello alll!

Hello all!!! My poor blog.... time to dust it off and update it with some pictures and whats been going on with us. I changed the template on here... and hate it. I don't know how to get back to my old one. So if anyone knows how.... please let me know. This new one is weird and don't like it. Anyways tho.....

Well.... the semester just ended....(seems like I only find time to update this in between semesters). It was a pretty hectic semester. Josh was once again taking over 20 credits... which makes for a very over welmed husband. Poor guy.... he did great tho... and is always so good about staying positive and motivated. He made it through....and rocked his classes! And he is soooo glad its over!

This was my first semester in my masters program..... and besides a few stressful moments.... it actually went pretty good! I got all A's which is fabulous! I have about a 3 week break til I start summer classes back up in June. I am definitely soaking up my time off for the next few weeks.

Normally about this time is when Josh and I packing up our things and moving to San Diego.... like we've done for the past two summers. Well.... the plan for this summer was Josh was going go to Cali as usual... but I was going to stay here because of my summer classes. Not the best plan... but that's what we were going to do. (I was going to visit on weekends by the way). Well... awhile back those plans changed because they decided to open a branch here.... right here in Phoenix!! It was a great day when we found that out... that meant we weren't going to have to be apart for the summer! Wahoo! We were a little sad to say farewell to our summers in San Diego... We had the best time over there.... and met some great people! But we are soooo excited to be staying here!! Below are some fun and random pictures!! Enjoy!!!

                          Back in January two of our best friends got married. It was a great day and we were sooo                               happy for them!!!        
                                                Me and my besty Bobbie. She looked beautiful!

                              Josh and I at the wedding. Such a fun night!!

                                       The happy couple..... sooo sweet!

                                                        All the guys!

My little sister Ciera was down from BYU Idaho this last semester... but she went back up in April. This was the night she left. We all went to BJ's for some dessert. We miss her!

This is at my older sister Shasta's baby shower. That was fun night and she got so much cute stuff!
                                          At my nephews baseball game...

 My younger sister Molly went to prom! We found her dress for only $6.50. No joke. We went to the Dilliards in Fiesta mall...(it's now the discount store). The zipper had to be replaced... but other than that it was perfect for her. We added the purple ribbon... and she had purple high heels to match.. and a purple flower in her hair. Soooo cute!!!! They looked fabulous together!!!

 One day that Josh came home from volunteering at a dental event..... he was so exhausted. It was funny when he woke up tho... because the left side of his body/face was alseep. So he woke up all disoriented. I must say I laughed pretty hard.... When I showed him this picture he laughed pretty hard too...
 This was back on Valentines Day.... I had just got my hair done... and it was alot darker than I usually have it. It doesn't look like this now... because I'm due for a cut and color. But that's what it looked like when I first cut it.
 This was a notebook that I had for 1 class this semester..... 1 class! Luckily not every class I took was like this... but still.. I think it weighed like 5 pounds. It was a pain carrying it around towards the end.
                               We took some family pictures back around the holidays. 

Here are some things to come this year:

1.. Josh will be preparing to take the DAT in the fall. This is the big dental school exam that he takes before he applies.... it's pretty big deal.
2. I will start teaching Kindergarten in the fall.... which I am sooo excited for!
3. We will be welcoming a new little niece in June.... "Hadley Kay".
4. So.... probably come the fall.... we might just be getting a dog. Josh really wants one.... and I've put it off since we got married. You see I never grew up having a dog... and am not a huge dog/animal person... but..... I'm definitely getting better... and am excited to see what it's like! We will see what happens.

                                        Hope all is well with everyone!