Saturday, September 26, 2009


My friend Callie is having a give away on her vinyl sign blog... Valentine Decor!! There are so many signs that are absolutely adorable!! All you have to do is go to her blog, leave a comment and then tell about it on your blog. Fun stuff!! Go check it out! Valentine Decor

Monday, September 21, 2009

Decorating Time!

So after being at our apartment for about 9 months... we finally got some decorating done. Before we had up 1 wedding picture, and 2 signs.....and that was it. I also learned that Josh is a super perfectionist when it comes to putting stuff on the walls... so he's got to measure every angle possible, so it's perfectly equal. And this is great so things don't look crooked on our walls. So..... I had 2 gift cards to the amazing Hobby Lobby.... so shopping I went. (Josh did actually come with me to) and it was lovely! I also went to Ross that same day and picked up a few little things there! Super cheap!

The next few days after that, I was talking to my mother-in-law and found out that she had never been to Hobby Lobby. And If you've seen her house, this is very surprising because her house is decorated AMAZING!!!! So.... we met up one night at Hobby Lobby to experience the amazing! We were supposed to only window shop, but my sweet mother-in-law ended up buying us some more decorations.... to go above our cabinets in our kitchen. Then she came back to our place after wards and helped put it all together. It looks amazing. The first 3 pics are some of the things she bought us. Thanks again mom! We love it!

The next thing I want to work on is our bathroom. And I decided that when we get a bigger place...with 2 bathrooms... I want our second bathroom to be all PARIS stuff. I wanna do it with black/white and pink! We still have a few pics to hang up, but now our walls aren't so bare. Which means yeah!!!!

I love this sign... thanks to my sweet mother-in-law

This is the cutest little trunk!

I got this at Ross for $10... to go in our little "laundry room"...(it's not really a laundry room.. it's more like the "area" where our washer and dryer are... next to the bathroom..haha!)

This I got from my Bridal shower, this was one of the signs we already had it up. I love it tho!

Ross....$5! And it is a true statement.haha!

We got the shelf and candle sticks at Hobby Lobby! Put it above our TV. I love it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun Weekends!!

My family has started a tradition to go camping every year around this time of the year. We usually go the weekend before Labor Day. The last few times we have gone, we go up north.. I'm not sure where exactly, but to a nice little camp spot, we pitch our tents and live it up in the sticks for the weekend. (Well, not entirely, my parents have a motor home that they bring, so it def makes things a bit easier. Example... like not having to squat out in the woods.) Well, this year, my sweet mother-in-law offered their lovely cabin up in Forest Lakes to us for the weekend. My family was so excited. We enjoy the tents...and living out in the wilderness for a few days, but of course we would rather "camp" in a beautiful cabin..with comfortable beds.. and showers! So that's just what we did. Everybody was there except the one sister living up in Provo...Yes.. Savanna was very missed. But we still had a great time! The pics below show that we went shooting, and spent some sweet time around the campfire. We had an amazing weekend!

The following weekend which was Labor Day, we got to go back up to the cabin and spend the weekend with Josh's family. We had a great time.. we went quading.. played games...and....the big news......Josh's sister Janessa got ENGAGED while we were up there!! She has been dating Travis for over a year now... he is an amazing guy. Josh and I have both known him since the beginning years of high school. And we have all remained the greatest of friends. We could not be more excited for them! It will be great to have him officially in to the family! And they are going to be getting married in the San Diego temple around the end of the we are excited to back and visit sweet San Diego.. and maybe go visit sweet Poway!haha!

Relaxing on a log...

Josh showing me how to shoot....

My sweet hubby...being all tough!

Ya....we like to think we are tough! Josh just looks really!

Boys love their guns!

Sitting around the campfire!

The adorable newly engaged couple! So cute!

We can't wait for their big day!