Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Times!!!!

This past weekend my family came over to visit. Friday morning I drove up to Santa Clarita to go to Magic Mountain. The last time I went there was about 3 years ago, and I've always loved it. Well, we go on about 4 rides, and the last one we went on, I walk off of it and I'm feeling so sick. So.... instead of riding the big rides with the rest of the "big girls" I decide to stay with my parents and little sister Jenna to go ride the little rides. I've always loved rollar coasters, and normally I can go all day riding them, but this time was not the case. But I def enjoyed the rest of the afternoon riding the little rides with Jenna. I was able to let my stomach settle, and was feeling much better by the end of the day.
After we left the park, all of my little sisters drove back with me to stay with us for the weekend. We spent time getting some sun at our pool, took the girls to Old Town San Diego, had some wrestling matches, and tickling matches, and spent time at the beach. It was a great weekend to be family, I have missed them so much! We loved seeing everyone, and it was sad to say goodby, but we now only have a month left til we go home... so we will soon be back in AZ! It's been a great summer, and we are loving it out here, but I am def way excited to go back home!! One of my favorite things about being over here.... when we get sweet visitors!!! We've had friends and family come visit us and we have absolutely loved it!!

At sweet Magic Mountain!

Jenna and I got pretty soaked!
Swimming at the pool!!! So nice!

Love the hats!!!

We went and checked out Old Town San Diego!

The girls tickling Josh.... He got dominated!

The girls stayed on our floor... it was pretty cozy!

Josh building a sand castle with Bria and Jenna

Gorgeous gals at the beach

Enjoying the beach!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

So a few of our friends came out 4th of July weekend and stayed at our apartment while we were up in Utah. And the night that they arrived, Josh came home with this enormous pizza for dinner. It was 3 feet long.. he said it would barley fit in the back of my car. We ate every piece! Well ok I think there were maybe 2 or 3 small edge pieces left. It was soo good to! You can kinda see in the picture with the box all the way open... it was as long as our table. It was soo sweet!

So.....On our flight home we flew from Salt Lake to Vegas, then from Vegas to San Diego, and on our first flight we ran into my brother in law (Jared)...his brother Joshua was on our exact flight. They were actually flying out here to come to Poway! When they told us that, we busted up laughing because were like hey that's where we live! And no one has ever really heard of Poway... So it was a very small world. It was fun to run into him tho!

Nik, Dawna, Josh and me eating yummy Costa Vida!! Oh we love it so much!

Sweet Fireworks!!!!

Dawna Me and Ness chilling on the blankets!

For the 4th of July we went to Utah for the weekend because Josh's sweet Great Grandma passed away, so we went up there for the funeral. So there were parts of the weekend that were very sad, but we also were able to see all the family up there, so we did love seeing everyone. It was just sad that it had to be on those circumstances. For the 4th of July we went and saw Ice Age 3. We all laughed and enjoyed the movie. Then from there we went and put our blankets and everything down in this grassy field next to BYU stadium, because that was where the fireworks show was going on. It was a busy busy night with people lighting off their own fireworks waiting for the show to begin. We relaxed on our blankets, the weather was beautiful, and enjoyed being there with everyone.
For dinner we experience the amazing....longly missed....Costa Vida!! Josh and I have been missing good old CV since we've moved out here. (sadly there are none in Cali....they should def change that.) So.....we were sooooooo excited to go there for dinner that night. It was right down the street from where were going to be watching the fireworks. My sister Savanna used to work there when she was going to school up there this last year. And now Josh's sister Janessa works there. So it's just a great place!!! Josh and I were looking forward to it all day! And finally the time came to go get dinner. And it was absolutely amazing! Yes it may seem like we are a little obsessed.. but we have just been deprived of it since we moved out here. And we live a mile away from it back home.. so we def would go there lots.

It was an all around good weekend. We've missed all the family, so we loved seeing everyone!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

San Diego Fair and Switchfoot

The view from our seats was way sweet!!

You can see the ferris wheel!!!

So....... last week Josh walks in the door from work and says "I won Switchfoot tickets". I'm like what?? So..... there is a radio station out here in Cali that is called "Sophie" and we both love it. It plays a lot of all kinds of music and we just love it. Well, I guess they were having a contest where if you were the 25th caller, you won Switchfoot tickets, to go see them at the fair that was in town. So, Josh called and at first they said he was the 15th caller. So he called back again.. and it rang and rang, and he was about to hang up when someone finally answers and says "Oh my gosh you are so lucky". He's like why? She then goes on to tell him that he is actually the 26th caller, but that the last caller that should have won was under 18, so she could not give him the tickets. So then she goes on to congratulate Josh on winning 2 tickets into the San Diego fair, along with 2 tickets to see Switchfoot in concert. We were way excited!! Josh has never won anything like that before, (like on the radio) so were so excited to go to the fair.
So Friday night comes around, and we head out to the fair. It was an awesome concert! I didn't think I was to familar with Switchfoot, but they played a good amount of songs that I had heard before. They are a Christian band and are originally from San Deigo. They put on a great show! We had some sweet seats to, the view as you can see in them was beautiful. After the concert was over we walked around, ate some amazing indian fry bed, which was soooo good!! And chose one ride go on. I also got a sweet hat there as well, which I'm way excited to wear. We def saw some interesting people at the fair to. It was all together a great night. So thank you radio station 103.7 "Sophie" for providing us a way to visit the San Diego Fair and see sweet Switchfoot!