Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's been going on...

Hey everyone! A little update from the Taylors is here... Well the holidays came and went. We definitely had a great time spending with all the family. Here's a brief little summary of each holiday...

Halloween we stopped by my brother's wards trunk or treat to see our nephews and nieces. They were all so cute dressed up. Then after that we went to Josh's sister's  house with friends where ate dinner and carved pumpkins. Our pumpkins that we carved this year we sponsored by ASU. haha! We thought they were pretty cool. One had a pitchfork and they other said ASU. Josh did all the carving. Fun times!

Our Thanksgiving was great as usual.... eating lots of food and spending time with fam is always so great. This year Josh's side of the family decided to have Thanksgiving the Sunday before the actual day... (normally Josh and I just have to rotate years of who we have the big dinner with that day). But this year... we were able to enjoy TWO delicious dinners on different days. I must say we loved it.

Christmas came and was so fun as well. The week of Christmas was filled with parties with friends and families. I also went to see White Christmas at Gammage with my younger sisters, my mom and her friend. I love the movie White Christmas and so does my family, so we were so exited to go see it. It was tons of fun too! We loved it!   We took a little trip up to Anthem to see the tallest Christmas tree in the country. It was awesome!! Christmas day was fabulous! Josh got me a new camera... which I have been in need of one for so long...(Ive been using my camera on my phone... which pretty much sucks) It has been so nice to have! He also got me lots of fun stocking stuffers and he also had made a frame with a 30 day calendar in it....I mentioned that I wanted one a long time ago... and he called up our friend that makes them. I love it too!

New Years we spent with Josh's family at Disneyland. We went over there a few days before the new year, and spent a few days at Disneyland and at the beach. It was an awesome trip! We loved it!

Some other things that have been going on... My younger sister Savanna got engaged back around Thanksgiving. We are so excited for her and Logan too. So we have been doing lots of fun wedding plans with her.

This semester Josh is studying for DAT. He is now going to take in March.. so he spends lots and lots and lots of hours everyday in the library studying. It will be so nice when this test is over for him. He's working hard to get prepared and I know he's gonna rock it. Until then.... he will be found in the library everyday til now until March... (I think the week of Spring Break).

I'm in my final semester of my Masters program. If all goes as planned.... May 12th I will be graduating! I can't wait!!

So things to come over the next few months:

1. My sister Savanna will be getting married (spring break).
2. Josh takes the DAT in March.
3. I will be taking my state tests to get my certification. I have two to take.. they are each like 5 hour tests...  no fun! Can't wait til those are done and passed.
4. A snowboarding trip....
5. We might be taking a trip up to Utah as well... (not sure yet).
Enjoy the pics!!

                                                                 Teacups at Disneyland
It's a small world after all...
                                                     Peter Pan
                                                                  The fam
                                                               The beach!
                                                                   Chip and Dale

We also sent out our first Christmas card this year.... I couldn't figure out how put the actual card on here so here some of the pics that we used......  We were trying to bring back the style....haha!

 Everyone's favorite was the "laughing at book" one...ha!

  Good times! Thanks to my clever sister Shasta for taking the pics and giving us the idea. We'll see what we do next year.... haha! Hope all is well with everyone!! Much love!!