Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello to all! I thought I would do a quick update of what has been going on with the Taylors lately. Well we got all moved in to our new house, and we are loving it! We actually did some decorating today finally.. which was great! I have been dying to decorate.... so it is nice to get it started. We have lots more room here at our new place, it is sooo nice! I'm so loving it!
The summer came to an end, and school got started right away. Josh is as ASU and he's taking a lighter load this semester because he is studying for the DAT. It's nice that his classes aren't very stressful, but the whole studying for this HUGE test isn't the funnest. It hasn't been to bad actually. Josh is studying hard, and I know he's gonna do great on his test. He won't take it til prob closer to December. I was hoping he would take it right before Thanksgiving, so that we could relax and enjoy the holidays, but probably not. That's ok tho. The closer the test comes, the more nervous I get for Josh. Looking forward to him taking it, and being done with it. He will apply for Dental school next summer... so this time next year we will hopefully be getting interviews. I'm so proud of Josh, he has worked so hard in school, and continues to work so hard! It will be so nice to get this test done with.

As for me, I started teaching Kindergarten this year, and am absolutely loving it. I have the cutest kids in the world! It is a great class. Some of the stuff they say during the day... is just to funny! One morning they were quietly working on their morning papers, and I hear some singing "black and yellow, black and yellow". Then they were trying to figure out who sings it, and started talking about Lady Gaga. I just laughed, and couldn't believe what I was hearing from 5 and 6 year olds. They are seriously the cutest kids ever! I feel very lucky to be able to be teaching. I am also in my last semester of classes in my Masters program. I am taking the final 2 classes this fall, and then next semester I will be completing my "student teaching" which I will be doing while I am teaching.... then I will graduate in May!! This program has flown by, and I can't believe it's coming to an end. I'm looking forward to being done though, I swear I have been in school for so long... and it is time to close this chapter in my life....(well in May it will be time). I thought I was closing it when I graduated ASU......haha! Guess not... But my program is almost over... and I can't wait. Can't wait to be alll done.... completely... and forever!!

We have also been busy going on lots of weekend vacations. Since the summer, we went to Utah with Josh's family, then later on.... I went back to Utah with my family for a reunion. We went up to the cabin I think 3 different times. 2 times with Josh's family, and once with my family. Soo fun! Josh also went to Hawaii for a "work retreat". We went to California with his company a few weeks ago. And Josh went on a hunting trip just last weekend. So this is our first weekend in awhile where we are both at home... and it is so nice! We loved our little weekend get aways... but sometimes it's really nice just to be at home... and relax. We got some stuff done on our house to. Once we finish decorating completely, I will try and post some pics. But for now..... here some pics of our many weekend getaways, and things we've been up to.

                                               Josh and Me up at the cabin with his family

                                  This the cabin trip with my family... we did some shooting one day
                                    This is two of my lovely sister, Savanna, Laci and Me.
                                                        Josh shooting.......
                                                     Me shooting..... focusing hard.... 
                                            Josh helping me to shoot his Glock.
                                                 Hard core! Park core!
                                         We spent a lot of our time with the guns just taking pictures with them.
                                                      Don't mess with us......
                                              We went to the lake while we were up there. So pretty!
                                              Josh and Me at the Josh Groban concert. He got me tickets for my birthday. It was an awesome concert. AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend it!
   The girls getting on the road to Utah for our family reunion. The rest of my family went in another car. It was a great trip with the fam!
                               This was our view from the cabin we stayed at in Utah for our reunion. Awesome!

This is our view from the front window at the beach house that we stayed at in California on the trip we went with Josh's company. It was awesome! Right on the beach! Loved it!
                                                Us at the beach
                                                        Again.... at the beach.
                                                     So fun!!!
                                              Josh and his buddies burring one of the other guys in the sand.
                                              We took a nice walk out to the pier
                                                     Us on the pier.....
                    On our way home from California, we stopped by the San Diego Temple.

                                          Me and my cute nephew at his soccer game. 

Things to come:

The beginning of October, I am going back to New York,  Washington DC,  and Boston,with some of my family for a historical trip. We will be gone for a little over 10 days. Sooo excited! Josh can't go because he can't miss that much school.... I'm so sad, but he's excited for me to go.  I can't wait!!

Beginning of December Josh takes the DAT.

And best of all.... the holidays are just around the corner!!! I love this time of year and am so glad it's here! If only it would start cooling down so it would start to actually feel like this time of year. Hopefully soon it will! We are so ready for fall to be here!! Hope all is well!