Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updates are here!

Yes yes......we are still alive! I know I've been slacking big time with updating this, but just so you know.... we are still around. Well, I just wanted to do some updates of what has been going on with us. When Josh got back from Cali and we moved into our new place. We have decided that moving really really really sucks! We feel like we are constantly moving.... (which if you look at the past few months.... it's kind of true.) Well anyways- we got moved in.... and are liking the new place. There are a few little things that I'm not loving.....but it's what you get when living in an apartment I guess. And besides still having things in boxes..... we are trying to settle in. Overall it's going good!!

About a week before I came home from Cali Josh's family came out there and we went to Disneyland/Cali Adventure. We had a great time!

At Cali Adventure

In front of Disneyland..... Happiest place on earth!

Waiting in line at the white water rapids.

In other news....Thanks to craigslist..... we got hooked up with some new things.... we got a new dining table...which I absolutely love! And we also got a new office desk.... which we also love. We didn't have a dining table in our last place because there wasn't really a place for it... so now that our new place does... we started looking on craigslist and after searching for awhile.... i finally found one that i love!

The week that we got moved in.... we also went to the John Mayor concert. Josh surprised me with the tickets a few days before. I was way excited! The concert was awesome! John Mayor is pretty much amazing on the guitar..... he was doing all sorts of crazy things on it.... and it sounded awesome! We were very impressed with the whole concert and had a great time!

At the John Mayor concert......

Besides being busy with school we have found some time to spend with family. Josh's brother Jarret is playing football this year so we have enjoyed going to his games every week. And they are undefeated too. So that's way awesome! We have also been seeing our nephews play at their soccer games, so that's fun to watch!

Nephew's soccer game....

Josh and Jarret at his football game

Well the semester is going good. It has been soooo incredibly busy for both Josh and I. Josh is at ASU and loving it. Although taking 21 credits is quite the full load... and he's been insanely busy with his classes. I'm taking 4 online classes and 1 down on campus. So with that many classes online = extremely busy and overwhelming at times. But we are getting through it. I am constantly counting down the weeks we have left. We are about half-way through.... so that's great! I am also very excited for the semester to be done because I will be graduating in December!!! I am so excited! I will have a BS in Family and Human Development with a minor in Sociology. So come December it will be farewell to ASU........

But come January it will be hello....... NAU!

I recently got accepted to the Master's program at NAU. It is right here in Mesa too, and I will be starting that in January. I will be getting my Master's in Education. I still can't believe I'm doing it.... but I'm really excited for it!

Well that about wraps up what's been going on with us. We are looking forward to the holidays coming up! I looove this time of the year. So I can't wait! Hope all is well! Much love to everyone!!