Monday, May 17, 2010

Finals... Packing... Moving....

Hello all! I know I have been terrible with updating my blog lately...but now that I'm out of school.... I'm hoping that will change. So a little update of what's been going on... Josh and I survived our finals. I will say barely survived because the week before finals... Josh pulled about 3 all nighters throughout the week. I felt like I barely saw him that week. He studied his face off for his 2 Chemistry classes. Apparently when we apply for dental schools... it's really important to have really good grades in all of the science classes... ESPECIALLY Chemistry. So Josh had lots of pressure to make sure and get his A's. After the hardest semester of his life... (so far) he spent hours and hours and hours studying for Chemistry and doing the labs. After all the stress and tears(the tears which were mine..haha!) All of his hard work paid off.... He did it... He got his A's! It was a joyous day when his grades finally posted. Now no more Chemistry..... he's done with MCC and moving onto ASU in the fall. Which he is very excited about. He decided to walk at MCC's graduation (mainly because his mom and I wanted him too...but he was glad he did) He got 2 associates degrees... an AA in Arts and an AA in General Studies. Here are some pics....

My side of the family. They were all so sweet to come!

Josh and his sweet little sister Jaycee

Josh's Dad and little bro!

Josh and his parents.... I took the pic a little late..

So proud of him! He's about 1/4 of the way done with school.... still got a ways to go... But he's ready for it and he def kicked butt this semester!

During the week of finals.... we also had to start packing up our apartment. It was not a pleasant experience either. Last summer we kept our apartment here... while we were in Cali... but this year we decided to pack it all up and just put everything in a storage unit for the summer. It was a bigger project than we thought.... We moved out all of our big stuff.... like bookshelf.. bed.. coffee table, end tables, ect.. at the beginning of the week... And we have some awesome friends that saved us last minute in moving all that stuff out. Thanks again!!

This is what our apartment looked like this past week.... Our TV looked pretty weird on our card table...

At one point... we were packing and after awhile... we both looked around and said I think that it's gotten worse.... packing was miserable.... and I still have to go back over and finish things up...ugh!! Like I said....."Never ending process"

My wonderful mother in law was a huge help in packing up our decorations.. dishes and all of the "fragile" stuff. She was such a great help with everything! I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks again Mom!

So our adventure to Cali has "kind of" began.... Mainly for Josh right now..... He drove over there this past weekend... made it safe and sound. I'm still in AZ right now... and I'll be joining him in about a week in a half.....looking forward to getting over to gorgeous San Diego. He was gone not even a day and I was already missing him like crazy..... So I'm a little nervous for this next week in a half. Since our apartment is pretty much all packed up I'm staying with my lovely sister and her husband, Shasta and Tanner til I leave. It was so nice of them to let me stay with them.

And Josh started work over there today and is already doing awesome! I can't wait to get over there. We are really looking forward to the summer! (and ditching the AZ summer heat here)
So I am planning on doing more updates a lot more often while we are over there.... hopefully with pictures too....but right now my charger for my camera won't charge the battery... so I have no camera(I had to borrow my sister Molly's camera this past weekend.. thanks molls!)
Anyways.... that will be it for now... but more updates to come... soon from Cali! Hope everyone has a great week!