Friday, March 19, 2010


Ya..... I know it's been so long since I've posted anything. My poor blog..... So I thought I would post some updates of what's been going on around here.....

We got our first niece...Megan Ruth Stradling... and she is soooo precious!
We sold my car to my sister and got me a new...... 2008 Hyndia Sonata. And seriously love it!
(I never want to go through the process of buying a new car again...... I hate car salesmen)

Niece Megan spent a few days in the hospital because she had RSV. She's doing great now, but still really scary!
Josh and I got terribly sick with a miserable cold/congestion thing. Terrible! Tissues were overflowing in our apartment. (ok not really... but almost)
My family discovered the game "Just Dance" for the wii.... and it is AMAZING! (Highly recommend it if you have never played it.) We've played it with friends and it is awesome!!
I got to go the Mary Poppins play at Gammage with Josh's family and it was soo fun! Practically Perfect in every way!

March: Spring Break
We finally made it to Spring Break! This semester has been insanely busy with school. With Josh taking 2 Chemistry classes... (that includes 2 labs) and me taking 18 credits... school has taken over our lives.....haha! But we made it to Spring Break which we were so happy for. Josh went to Mexico to go fishing with his dad, bro, grandpa and a few of his dad's buddies. He caught a 9lb fish (which is really really big) so he was soooo excited about that. Before he left on his trip he said that if he catches a big one he wants to mount it on our wall.... and I agreed to this. So... prob at the end of the year(cuz it takes a long time for them to put the fish together to mount) We will be mounting a fish on our wall......we'll see how that goes.haha! Anyways-It's been a relaxing week and I'm hoping I will get back into "school mode" by next week.

And then we have only like 6 more weeks til summer.... til we get to leave for sweet San Diego!! We move there for the summer for Josh's job and we cannot wait to see our sweet friends again over there!

I will try and be better about posting... the past few months have been so busy I haven't had time... but for now that's what has been going on. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their Spring Break!