Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Fun!

So we have had a pretty crazy past few weeks. With finals ending and everything with the holidays.... we have been super busy...but it's been good times! To start the holiday season off right... we went out and bought our very first Christmas tree! This is our first Christmas married... It was so fun to decorate it together...(actually the night that we started decorating it... Josh was putting the lights on the tree, and we fell asleep before we put any decorations on it, and this was the weekend before finals... so we went for almost a week with just lights on our tree...so when the lights were off, it looked like a "bare" tree.) So we finally got it all decorated and bought something to go on top. We went with a pretty red bow. And we love it. We had to rearrange our furniture just a little to make room for the tree....but it's so worth it!

Pictures below are of our a couple parties. We have had so many, I can't post them all. So here are a few. We had a friends Christmas party that was themed "ugly sweater"...good stuff! And then my side of the family had a Christmas party that was way fun as well. It has been so fun to see family and friends and enjoy this time of the year. We are absolutely loving it! Hope everyone else is having a great holiday season as well!

This is our tree when we first put it up so BEFORE......

And.......... AFTER

So pretty! We love it!!

Ok... so this is a really random picture. Last week we went Josh's work party and it was at this nice restaurant and everything. There was great food and we had a great time. Well, right before we were about to leave.... I needed to go to the bathroom.... So I run in there and this is what I see. It literally scared the crap out of me. It was pretty life-like.... and I was a little scared. I almost didn't make it into the stall because it scared me so bad.haha! Ok that's not true. But I found it really weird to be in the restrooms.

So this is at our friends "Ugly Sweater" Christmas party where we had a "gag" gift exchange. And yes... that is a male unrinal. Enough said. It was halarious!

My sister Savanna opened a gift that was Ronald Mcdonald shoes... they were huge. And along with them came a Mcdonald's bag.... with 2 apple pies from Mcdonalds. People got pretty creative with the gifts.

Here is Josh and I with our "ugly sweaters"... the day before I went to goodwill and picked out the sweater vest for me that was like 4 sizes to big. And.... when I first found Josh's sweater... (It has a picture of duck up in the corner if you can't tell) I thought it was perfect.... ugly right?? Well, that night he put it on.... and it actually looked pretty good on him. He even wore it over to his parents house before our party and his mom complimented him on how nice it looked, and said it looked like he got at Cabellas. We then told her that I picked it up at goodwill for about $2 for our party. Pretty funny!

Janessa, Savanna, Me and cute pregnant Chandra!

The guys started a wrestling match...

At one of our many family Christmas parties. We had a great time. Great food, and a sweet gift exchange where Josh got a Sonic giftcard and I got a giftcard to Costa Vida, and a football! Great game!

All the ladies....(well not all, mom and heather would not get in.) But the rest of us are all there! Lots of gorgeous girls! We have a great time with eachother!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!