Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day trip to AZ!

We came down for Nik and Dawna's wedding for a day. We flew in at 9am and left at about 8pm that night. A very short little trip, but we loved being home and seeing everyone that we did. We would have loved to stay longer and spend more time with everyone, but we had to be back the next day for work. We def loved being back in sweet Az!!

Nik and Josh. Both looking so handsome!!

Dawna and Nik coming out of the temple. Both looked amazing!

Beach Fun!

Here are the sweet wives..... Chandee, Hilary, Bree, Sally and Me. And their adorable little babies!! We had a good time... even though it was pretty chilly that night.

We had a little pizza party at the beach with all the salesman and families Saturday night. It was so relaxing after a long week. The guys played sand volleyball and the girls chatted and stayed close to the fire to keep warm. It is still sooo cold at the beach. They say it doesn't start to get warm til July and August. It's still so fun to go and see tho, I just have to bundle up. We were able to see the gorgeous sunset that night to!! You can see it behind us on some of them. We all had great time!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Apartment in Poway California

So this is our apartment in California! It's similar in size to our place back home.. I think, so we are enjoying it. And we got some nice furniture as well for it. So that's sweet! I haven't taken any pictures of the outside, because our building happens be the one that they are remodeling. So there is lots and lots of construction out there. I'm sure it will look great when it is done, I just don't think that we will be here when they finish it. That's ok though. The construction guys are pretty friendly. My only small complaints are, I have to do our laundry at the laundromat here. But the plus side to that is I'm getting to know all the friendly people here at the apartments. And the other thing is.. we don't have a microwave. But we just bought a toaster oven.. so that should take care of that problem. They are called Countryside apartments, and basically the theme that they are trying to get across is "woodsy" type. So there are pine trees outside... and the buildings can kind of remind you of a "cabin" type. We definitely love the woods, so that's where we are living it up here in Poway! When entering Poway....The entry sign says "Welcome to Poway... The city in the country." It's like right outside of San Diego. We are definitely having some good times here in good old Poway!!